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Rita Erben, Germany born, is living in Auroville, India. She studied Social Pedagogy and Com­munication Sciences. After 10 years working as a social peda­gogue, she shifted her work area to the media. For many years she was a freelance radio and TV writer with focus on human rights and social politics. "For 15 years I worked all over the world in war and crisis zones. During this time I learned that we cannot find peace through vio­lence, science, revolution or religion. Peace can only be found inside oneself. Working on this peace manual is a first step."


Astrid Kummer, is living in Berlin, Germany. Before, she was living in Auroville, India, for many years. Over the past few years, she has participated in theatre and clown workshops in different countries and applied what she learned from these in her projects. "I feel that it is very important that we become aware of ourselves, our feelings, our inhibitions, our strengths and how we relate to others. I didn’t learn this kind of thing in school. So, I feel that children can be better equipped for life if they are taught to know and understand themselves better. And hopefully the result would be that we could all deal more peacefully with each other.


Emanuele Scanziani, is living in Auroville, India and works as an illustrator. He was born in Milano, Italy. He started being an illustrator at the age of 16 and worked for many years in his family’s business, a drawing office creating greet­ings cards and illustrating children books. He has illustrat­ed many books for projects from all over the world promoting sustainable development, as well as illustrating environmental and educational projects.