Practical partPraktischer Teilคู่มือภาคปฏิบัติPractical partParte PrácticaParte PráticaPractical partPractical part


Manual for parents, teachers and social workers.


How children, youth and adults can solve their conflicts peacefully.

The practical part of the violence prevention program “Be true – not violent” consists of planning and learning material for 33 group sessions. These lessons are primarily intended for groups of children between 6 and 12 years. But the exercises can also easily be done by youth and adults.

With the help of different games, stories and exercises they will learn how to recognize their feelings and to express them in a healthy and positive manner.
The main learning objective of this programme is solving conflicts peacefully.

The structure of the Papui Group sessions
Children love structure. This is why the group sessions are always done in the same pattern. This helps the children feel safe.

In the practical part we are working  with the following games:
• Movement Games
• Trust Games
• Games for the Senses
• Role Play, Theatre
• Breathing Exercises and Relaxation
• Papui Stories

33 chapters, 95 pages Extract